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This week's crypto spot - CryptoDukes

An exclusive club for the world's leading crypto traders!

This exclusive club of high-ranking online traders has grown into a sizzling community for Bitcoin fanatics. They say two minds are greater than one? Try 500!! Watch our fascinating interview with Jaden Monahan and you will be rushing to trade bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies with the dukes!

Start making profits from Bitcoin trading!

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This ‘Crypto Spot’ is dedicated to Jadan Monahan,the founder of the CryptoDukes, a unique and exclusive online club for Bitcoin traders.
What does an “exclusive online club for Bitcoin traders” mean?
CryptoDukes’ is a private club for the World’s best Bitcoin traders. Our establishment offers our members, the opportunity to exchange opinions, keep up to date with trading information and get recommendations from the best in the field. We are the united elite of Bitcoin traders.
Why Bitcoin trading and not Bitcoin Mining?
Let me start with the first 3 reasons, but there are much more than these three: There is no need of a crypto wallet! You can trade 24/7, including closing positions over the weekend and, the main reason for me – the opportunity of leverage trading, that allows you much higher profits on a single trade.
I believe that with people’s desire for the BIG and FAST bucks, it’s about to grow and strengthen even more.
And what made you come-up with this idea?
Cryptocurrencies, and Bitcoin in particular seem like they’re going to change the way we use money. You get people that have invested in bitcoin making a 2000% return on their investment by now. There is a huge buzz surrounding this exclusive world, and many men who want to get into it, just don’t know where to start.
I’m a true believer in Bitcoin, and I’m not the only one – see what’s going on in the world in the last months!
And how does a trader get a chance to become a CryptoDuke?
Traders who have heard about the club and want to join, are required to provide data that will confirm their abilities. Afterwards, the ‘Council of Dukes’ meets, and based on the candidates scores we decide which will receive an invitation to the club.
we are interested in young (and, not so young) high-potential Bitcoin traders, who want to take part in the Bitcoin REVOLUTION and want the opportunity to MAKE MONEY from Bitcoin trading. Therefore, I would like to take this opportunity and announce the registration opening of the 2018 CryptoDukes reserve. Note this time limited offer is for only 150 traders to apply. All you need, is to go to the Club’s website and submit the registration form. We will do the rest. Good luck to all of you traders and I hope to welcome you as our new members soon!

Start making profits from Bitcoin trading!

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This is how you can spend your Bitcoin

By angela beltran, posted 28 hours ago
There is no doubt that Bitcoin is a force to be reckoned with. The entire world of cryptocurrencies has been receiving growing attention from global media with its’ promise to change the world as we know it, and Bitcoin has long proven itself to be a fruitful investment with a rise of over 600% during the past year.

A small group of computer geeks that were smart enough to purchase Bitcoins when they first came out, are now holding the best investment they have ever made. So what can one do with a Bitcoin? More and more stores and companies are now receiving Bitcoin as a payment for their goods and services. Over 10,000 venues across the globe are now accepting Bitcoin, from clothing and goods, cafes and restaurants, to insurance companies, mobile repairs and even barber shops. Over 1,500 Bitcoin ATMs are locate worldwide, allowing you to withdraw cash with the PIN for your Bitcoin wallet.

Making purchases online is even easier, with a wide variety of options. Microsoft allows users to purchase content such as app, videos and games on the Windows and Xbox store. Overstock is one of the biggest retailers accepting Bitcoin. On and you can buy airline tickets, book hotels and car rentals. Dell, the computer technology specialist, has been receiving Bitoin since July 2017. You can even buy gift cards at Gyft, GiftCardZen and eGifter which can be used in major retail shops like Amazon, Target and Walmart. In Australia, you can go to and purchase a Caltex Starcash Fuel Card, and gift cards for Coles Group & Myer, EB Games, Bunnings, Google Play, and many more.

There are many speculations on whether the “Bitcoin bubble” will burst or if the Bitcoin revolution has just begun and its’ value will keep rising. Bitcoin holders now have a growing list of ways to cash-out and make use of their profits.

Cryptocoins review


Formerly known as XCoin and Darkcoin, Dash is the highest priced cryptocurrency, after Bitcoin. In August 2017, the price of Dash passed $300 for the first time and the market cap is well over 2 billion dollars. Dash is a secure, open source known for instant and private transactions, making it very user-friendly. Dash funds its own growth and adoption, making it the first self governing, self funding protocol.


Monero (XMR), created in April 2014, is a cryptocurrency known primarily for its’ high privacy, protecting each holder’s accounts and transactions. In addition, with a technology called “ring signatures”, the identity of both the sender and the receiver, and the value of any Monero transaction are obfuscated, making each transaction untraceable. Monero’s price has shown significant volatility, with a climb of nearly 200% during August 2017, creating great opportunities for traders.


Zcash (ZEC) is another cryptocurrency focused on privacy. However, while Monero hides the information of any transaction made, Zcash offers an option of “selective disclosure” to its’ users, allowing them to disclose any data required for audit and tax purposes. The price of Zcash has been relatively steady since its’ release in 2016, ranging mainly between $200-$300 since May 2017.

Bitcoins’ biggest competitors – A short review on Ethereum and Ripple

By Clyde C. Greer, posted 46 hours ago
There is no doubt that Bitcoin is the biggest and most influential cryptocurrency in the financial market, and few people who aren’t active in the crypto community are aware that the Blockchain technology that started Bitcoin has since created more and more currencies alike. Ethereum and Ripple are the two largest cryptocurrencies in the market and any trader or investor should be familiar with the ground-breaking technology they represent.

In 2013, a cryptocurrency researcher and programmer named Vitalik Buterin, first presented the idea of Ethereum and the system was created in July 2015. Ethereum is a computing platform, based on blockchain technology, which is both public and distributed.  It enables developers to build decentralized applications and runs smart contracts that allow applications to run as programed, with no fraud or third party interference. Ethereum provides a decentralized Turing complete virtual machine called the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). EVM enables anyone to run any program with any programming language, making the creation of blockchain applications, for any purpose, much more simple.

The cryptocurrency is referred to as “ether” and is used to pay for transaction fees and services by application developers. In 2016, the DAO project was hacked and $50 million dollars worth of Ether were stolen by the unknown attacker. Following this incident, the Ethereum community split into two groups: the first group voted to retrieve the stolen funds, using a change in the code called a hard fork. The second group, argued against changing the code, as this violates the very essence of blockchain, as transactions should be unchangeable.This split created two cryptocurrencies: Ethereum Classic – representing the true history of Ethereum, used by members who disagree with the change in code, and Ethereum – representing the corrected version of Ethereum, used by members who were in favor of retrieving the stolen funds.While the price of Ethereum Classic barely reaches $20, Ethereum is worth roughly $300 with the second largest market cap passing $28 billion dollars and a daily trading volume of over $270 million dollars.
Ripple aims to enable secure and instant financial transactions globally, and of any size at minimum cost. As a real-time gross settlement system and currency exchange, it supports fiat currency, commodities, cryptocurrency and other units of value. The distributed open-source internet protocol at the core of Ripple uses a consensus process, distributed across users, allowing payments and exchanges. Ripple enables systems of different financial institution to communicate directly, which is why payment networks and banks have been adopting Ripple for interbank transactions. XRP is the native currency of the Ripple network. Similar to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, Ripple has a known amount of XRPs to be released, making it a limited asset with a decreasing available supply. Even though the peak price of Ripple, since it’s release in 2013, was under $0.5, it has the third largest market cap of over $8 billion dollars.

South Korea claims that North Korean hackers attempted to steal bitcoins

By Clyde C. Greer, posted 46 hours ago
The South Korean police department have accused North Korea as responsible for recent attempts to hack South Korea’s virtual currency exchanges. The hack took place at four local bitcoin exchanges. During the investigation, several cyberattacks where found in dozens of e-mail accounts.Police confirm the North Korean hackers, claiming to be security authorities, sent e-mails containing malware; “The e-mails were sent from the same IP address linked to previous North Korean hacking attempts against Seoul. The test e-mails sent before the actual attack were tracked back to the North” announced the police.South Korea is one of the world’s busiest trading hubs for cryptocurrencies, with Seoul-based Bithumb ranking as the world’s largest exchange for the Ethereum virtual currency. Earlier this month, North Korean hackers were reported to have launched attacks on at least three South Korean cryptocurrency exchanges since May; “The hackers were using ‘spearphishing’ attacks, targeting the personal e-mail accounts of employees at the exchanges. It should be no surprise that cryptocurrencies are becoming a target of interest by a regime that operates like a criminal enterprise”.

The Crypto-Ruble - Putin Orders the Issue of Russia’s National Cryptocurrency

By Maddison Issacs, posted 42 hours ago
Vladimir Putin has ordered the issue of the country’s own cryptocurrency, the Cryptoruble. The announcement has been made by Russia’s Minister of Communications and Mass Media, Nikolay Nikiforov, at a closed meeting with the members of the Moscow Capital Club.

This decision followed a meeting where Putin instructed Russia’s top regulators to ensure that the central bank doesn’t create “unnecessary barriers” to cryptocurrencies. Nikiforov said that he is confident the launch of the cryptocurrency will occur soon simply because “If we do not, then in 2 months, our neighbors in the Eurasian Economic Community will do it.” The official also said that the efficiency of the new cryptocurrency will “streamline the payment of personal income tax,” which would make the new currency a legal tender in Russia.

The Cryptoruble doesn’t legalize cryptocurrencies altogether, the minister explained. “The creation of the Cryptoruble would not equal the legalization of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Russia’s cryptocurrency should use Russian cryptography.”Russian regulators announced that cryptocurrencies will officially be regulated in Russia, after the meeting with Vladimir Putin. The central bank and the finance ministry will now work together to come up with one draft law to provide a basic regulatory framework for cryptocurrencies including bitcoin, which is expected by the year’s end.

An overview of bitcoins’ price history

By Sebastian Cross, posted 72 hours ago
Any trader knows that in order to make a smart and calculated investment, one must know the history of each potential asset, to try and predict the next price change and set a target price. Bitcoin is the number one cryptocurrency in the market. Everyone wants to get their hands on this hot asset, hoping that Bitcoin’s price will continue to rise. This short review on the important changes in Bitcoin’s price level might help you decide whether Bitcoin remains a fruitful investment.
January 2009: The Bitcoin network is created, with the first bitcoins mined by Satoshi Nakamoto, an unknown internet figure and the creator of Bitcoin.

October 2009: Bitcoin is given a value in USD for the first time by estimating the cost of electricity needed for a computer to create one Bitcoin. The exchange rate is eight hundredths of a cent per Bitcoin.

May 2010: Laszlo Hanyecz makes the first purchase payed with Bitcoin by ordering two pizzas from Papa John’s, delivered to his house. Laszlo pays 10,000BTC, valuing Bitcoin at a quarter of a cent.

July 2010: Bitcoin gains attention and its’ price rises from $0.008 to $0.08 in five days.February 2011: Bitcoin reaches $1 USD, and starts to gather media attention.

November 2012: Wordpress, one of the most popular domains on the internet, starts accepting Bitcoin as a payment.

November 2013: Bitcoins’ price has already passed $600 USD when the US senate holds a hearing on Bitcoin for the first time. By the end of November, the growing interest in China pushes Bitcoin to a peak of $1200 USD.

November 2016: The election of Donald Trump as US President is followed by a drop in the financial market. Investors rush to find alternate options, causing an increase of 2.5% in Bitcoins’ price in 24 hours.

January 2017: Bitcoins’ price reaches $1000 USD for the first time and receives substantial media attention.March 2017: Bitcoin passes the price of a an ounce of gold.

April 2017: Bitcoin is declared a legal method of payment in Japan.

August 2017: The price of one Bitcoin passes $3000 USD on August 5th. Just 7 days later, on August 12th, Bitcoin passes $4000 USD.

November 2017: Bitcoin surpasses $10,000 for the first timeThere is no doubt that anyone who invested in Bitcoin during the eight years since its’ first introduction, and is still holding it, has made an exceptional investment. During 2017, Bitcoins’ price has climbed in an unthinkable trace and it is undeniable that the era of online currencies has just begun.

£17 Million London Mansion for Sale – In Bitcoins

By Casey Pham, posted 12 hours ago
A Notting Hill mansion is on the market for the price of £17 million, buyers who wish to purchase the six-story stucco-fronted home will need to pay in Bitcoin, which is a first for London.

Lev Loginov is the company’s co-founder, he believes in a change in perceptions of cryptocurrency, and hopes to reestablish transactions with the help of Bitcoin in England; “Cryptocurrency will remove the need for solicitors and property title, and will change the way real estate transactions are conducted”

In the past, Bitcoin has been accepted by property sellers, a £1.7 million Peckham townhouse was on the market for sale, accepting Bitcoin or Sterling, however this marks as the first time that an owner has said that they will only accept payment via Bitcoin.The property is owned by London Wall since 2013.

They purchased the Notting Hill property for £9.5 million and has spent around three years renovating it from five flats into a single residence. Loginov said it is likely that an Asian tech entrepreneur, familiar with Bitcoin, will be the one to buy the property.